Not Using These Three Tools Is Costing Your Small Business Time and Money

When you are running a business, especially as a one person show or small team it is critical your time is devoted to tasks that grow the business. If you think your time is best spent on admin, budgeting etc you are playing yourself. Those things need to get done but you have to manage the amount of time these tasks take up vs. chasing growth. Every minute spent on these tasks is one less sale, one less referral, one less partner that can open the door to additional growth.

At SeedIM we believe one of the best ways to focus on growth is to find ways to automate non growth tasks so they don't consume your time or mindspace. Worrying whether a task will get done can consume just as much time and energy as doing the task yourself. We recommend using the following five tools to start you on the track of freeing up your bandwidth to chase growth.


Unless your website requires very unique functionality to achieve your growth strategy you should not build your website from scratch or use a platform that requires a lot of maintenance. 

Being fairly proficient at website development and having built websites from scratch I can say in most cases a lot of website customization is a waste of time.

Squarespace is a great combination of being affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and requiring  little maintenance.

So why not Wordpress. In short, you will spend more money getting Wordpress to the functionality of Squarespace and you are much more likely to break a Wordpress site than a Squarespace site. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk 

There are times when managing your product or business where you have to do a mundane task repeatedly. This could be data entry, looking up addresses, transcribing information from PDFs, etc, etc. Unless client or other sensitive information is involved you should ALWAYS outsource these tasks. None of these tasks will generate the return on time that comes from focusing on the growth of your business.

Amazon Mechanical Turk allows you to outsource simple repeatable tasks at a very low costs. One of the best ways to get the best workers on your tasks is to pay slightly more than market. This allows you to be more selective. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is great but remember to never put information or data that's proprietary, sensitive, or otherwise negativicely impact your product or business.

Adobe Spark 

Content generation is critical for driving awareness, educating comsumers on your brand equity, and facilitating conversations with your your stakeholders. Adobe Spark Post and Video are free tools that enable you to quickly develop creative content for your company. 

One example of what can be done on Adobe Spark is below. Additionally, all of our service offering videos are made with Adobe Spark. This is a great tool but it is still important to remember great content provides value to the end user. Being aesthetically pleasing is not enough.


In the future we will be posting more tools and strategies to help you do more with less.  

Keep making your community better!