We are excited to host our Baltimore pitch competition. We look forward to hearing great ideas, empowering promising entrepreneurs across Baltimore and positively impacting the community. The details for the competition are below.  

EVENT DATE: Dec. 3, 2016 6PM EST



CONTACT: christian@seedim.org. Any clarifying questions on rules will be posted on the SeedIM Blog. All registered participants will also receive notice via email. 

ELIGIBILITY: This competition is limited to for-profit organizations and non-profits with self-sustaining revenue models. Teams may be comprised of one to four people. All team members most be over 18. No one related to a SeedIM team member is eligible.

REGISTRATION & OVERVIEW: Complete the registration form below and a link to your pitch video (preferably on YouTube and no longer than 90 seconds). We will select the top 12 teams who will have the opportunity to pitch in front of the SeedIM team for a four minute pitch, four minute Q & A and a two minute feedback session. The top team will receive a $1000 first prize with $100 for the runner-up. 


Preliminary Round-We will identify the top 12 teams no later than Nov. 23st. Selection will be based off the team's form submission and pitch video. If fewer than 12 teams register the competition will be postponed. The judges will consider the following factors in making their decision:

  1. Size of addressable market
  2. Growth strategy
  3. Feasibility of Business Model
  4. Positive Impact on Baltimore (Environmental, Social, Cultural, Economic, Health). This is one factor. Not being in Baltimore City will not disqualify you. 
  5. Quality of Presentation
  6. Views and Positive Feedback of Pitch Video on the SeedIM YouTube Page

Competition Round- The 12 teams that advance to the competition round are evaluated by a panel of judges from the SeedIM team. Order of presenters is selected at random. The only presentation deck allowed is a maximum five slide Google Sheets presentation. Product demonstrations are allowed. In addition to the previous criteria in person pitches will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Strength of Answers
  2. Level of Preparation
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